MAKEUPTALE : Valentina


was The Princess of Amare, in the valley of N'anya.
Her eyes was big and brown, beautiful as the autumn.

The only child and heir of Dashuri,
 the King of Amare, who was known for his kind heart and wisdom.
Unfortunately, Dashuri has been sick for so many years.
He can only speak through the Shaman's mind.
And Valentina has taken his place ever since.

On one beautiful spring night, the second full moon of the year,
Valentina took a long walk on the lake, like she would do every month.
Searching for peace, listening to the song in her head and dance the night away.

That night was different. She wanted to be completely alone.
So she sent all her guards home. 
Valentina was good at defending herself.
All of her enemies were afraid of Valentina's cold blooded soul.
At least that was what everybody knew.

Rumor has it, she knew how to do magic.
One black and dark magic. The darkest among all,
it changed her everytime she casted spell and killed her enemy.

But tonight, she wanted to be herself.
An ordinary girl who dance,
And feel the warmth of her own heart.
Her sad heart.



On the other side of the lake,
He saw Valentina dance graciously by the lake.
After hours of looking, he couldn't take it anymore.
He knew he fell in love with the dance.
With her gracious sad move.
With her.
Sevgi encourage himself to came and confront her.
Valentina did not want to scare him, so she introduced herself as Laska.
It's how her dad called her.
The meeting continued for countless moon.
They fell in love. Madly in love at eachother.
They spent hours and hours.
Talking to each other. Make love one another.
Some other night, she would dance for him.
And one other night, he dance with her.

It was exactly the night before the twelfth full moon.
Sevgi told Valentina, he could not come tomorrow.
There was something to be done.
But he promised to come the night after. 
They sealed the deal with a kiss and make love passionately under the moonlight.



The sky was beautiful. The moon was full and bright.
After saying goodnight to her father,
Valentina took one last glance to the lonely moon from her balcony.
She can't wait for tomorrow.
The night was deep, dark and quiet.
Valentina was awaken by a scream.
Calling her name. 

Valentina jump off of her bed.
Taking her sword with her. And run deep into the dark castle.
Towards her father's room.

In front of her father's chamber, she slaughtered the soldiers of her enemy.
She realized it was  Rakkaus army.
The prince of Milestiba. Known for his bravery and excellent war strategy.
One of the few whom Valentina's afraid of.
She knew this day would came. 
But she was busy with Sevgi.

Ahh.. Sevgi.. my Sevgi.. Where are you..
Will I be seeing you tomorrow...

She was crying inside.

By the time she entered the chamber,
the Shaman was already dead. And her father was covered in blood. Of his own.
Frustrated and broken, She scream in agony.

But then, she realized that someone else still in that chamber.
By instinct, she aim her sword to the curtain behind her father's bed.
And she knew her sword served her well once again.
Without any respond, she keep aiming and stab the body behind the curtain.
Until the man whispered...

"Laska... my love... Laska..."

She stopped. Her eyes was full of fears. Pulling her sword.
a man fell down.

Sevgi... Her Sevgi...

And then it came to her senses.
All the absence.
All the secret Sevgi hide.
Why he could find the lake.
It was supposed to be remote and closed.
He was there on purpose.
He's Rakkaus. Sevgi Rakkaus. Son of the great Elsher Rakkaus.
Tears fell down from her eyes.
Confuse and angry.
Although she couldn't decide why. 
She put him in her arms.
Hold him tight. And cry.

"I'm sorry, my love... I love you until the moon die. finish it... Bring me my peace.. For I should only die on your fate.."

There's a million reason why she should killed him.
But the heart wants what it wants....

"please... Bring me my peace.. And I will wait for you, in the gate of paradise... I promise.. I love you.."

She closed her eyes..
Gather all her courage and senses...
For one last time, she kissed the love of her life.
Took her sword....

"Wait for me, for I shall not be long... I love you..."

Then finish what she started.


Valentina took care her father's body.
Called her cousin, Estimar, and ask him to arrange one proper funeral for her father and the Shaman.
Change her clothes, and took a walk deep through the wood, into the lake.


Once again,
She look at the moon.. The sad same moon from yesterday..
Once again,
she listened to the song inside her head, and dance.

The moon was at its highest.
Valentina took a dagger from her thigh.
cut her wrist, and then dance some more.
She could feel herself float.
She dance until she couldn't dance for more.
With her last strength,
She walked into the lake..
Deeper into the lake..

Once again,
she look at the moon and whisper,

"Here I come my love... Here I come..."


Sudah Februari... 
Ceritanya lagi dengerin lagu nya Selena Gomez, Heart Wants What It Wants, terus malah kebawa suasana dan bikin cerita ini deh. Hihihihi....

Terkadang gitu, kita suka stuck sama orang yang salah, yang sebenernya nggak baik buat kita, tapi ya mau gimana lagi, namanya cinta, namanya hati... Gimana caranya nggak ngikutin hati, orang nenek moyang kita selalu nyuruh untuk ngikutin kata hati kok. Hehehehhe....

Tapi ya gitu juga, sebenernya nggak ada yang bener-bener nggak sadar bahwa itu orang ga baik buat kita. Makanya kita tetep berusaha untuk menyingkirkan mereka. Membunuh kenangan dan pikiran atas mereka. Tanpa kita sadari, kita juga membunuh sebagian dari diri kita....

Selamat memasuki bulan Valentine..
Semoga bulan ini kita semua lebih pintar dan lebih penuh cinta...

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  1. Cool!

  2. waaaa, keren banget makeupnya... jadi pingin coba makeup gitu juga ^^
    @freddy_friday blog

  3. Really love it! The story, the make up...the background.. perfect! As we enter the so-called month of luv ..cheers...

  4. Really love it! The story, the make up...the background.. perfect! As we enter the so-called month of luv ..cheers...

  5. Really love it! The story, the make up...the background.. perfect! As we enter the so-called month of luv ..cheers...

  6. make up bisa jadi macam macam ya Tante...
    Dija masih belajar pake lipstick nih


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