Once upon a time, lived a beautiful girl named Egypsita. She had the most beautiful Green eyes like the Caribian Ocean. She lived in a Kingdom called Zigenare, rulled by one humble King named King Cygan. Egypsita lived with her mother, her father died in a plague long time ago. Everyday Egypsita visit her Father's grave with a bunch of beautiful flower.

One day, on her father's birthday, Egypsita went to the wood to pick special flowers for her father.
 She sang a cheerfull song, not knowing that her beautiful voice heard by a handsome King on his horse.
King Cygan followed her to her father's grave, while he commanded his guard to found out who was that girl with beautiful voice, and face reminded him of Spring where all the flowers bloom.

Egypsita was surprised to find men with horses and the Kingdom flags in front of her house. 
She found her mother sitting with a tall handsome guy inside the house, with swords on his hips and dressed like a Royal.
Her mother stood up and introduce him as her future husband.
Egypsita blushed. It was a love at first sight for both of them.
Egypsita agreed to marry him, as long as she could bring her mother with her.

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Egypsita could hear her heartbeat. She was anxiously happy. It was her wedding day.
She wore a beautiful dress and flower crown on her head.
Everybody agreed that Egypsita was the most beautiful bride in Zigenare.
The ceremony held in the palace. This was the beginning of her own happily ever after. 
Or at least she thought so.

3 months after, Egypsita found out that she was pregnant. 
At the same time, the war was beginning to rose everywhere.
Prince Dastan from Persia invaded every country. And he was close to Zigenare.
As a queen, Egypsita knew that there was nothing she could do.
She had to let her husband go to war.

Everydah she waited for her husband.
But Prince Dastan, who already heard about the most beautiful woman ever lived, was the Queen of Zigenare, was too strong to be defeated.

Egypsita was heart-broken when she received the news of King Cygan's death. His body was burned by prince Dastan.
She also heard the news that Prince Dastan was coming for her.
After weeks of mourning, Egypsita lose her mind and her baby. Her heart was full of anger and grudge. 
So she went to the Shaman.

Shaman Drum~ by RastaDreads

She wanted to kill prince Dastan.
The Shaman said...

"You will have your revenge. But first you must know, there will be no turning back. 
You must sell your soul to the devil... 
The Prince... Will come to you.. He will take you to his own.. 
You shall agree. And he will die upon your first kiss. 
So does every brother, sister, servants and army in his belonging.
All of his kingdom will.
But after that... You can't die or live...
There will be no soul inside you to be dead... nor live...
Your body will stay forever in this world. Eternally..."

"So be it..." she said...

The Shaman took her blood and did all the ritual. She went back to the castle in the morning. And prepared herself for Prince Dastan arrival. She knew it will be in a day or two..

When Prince Dastan arrived, Egypsita put on her Queen attire.
She seductively negotiated that she would come with him, and marry him, 
As long as he leave Zigenare alone. Let her people alive, the castle stand strong, and let Cyrus, King Cygan's brother to ruled Zigenare.
Prince Dastan who was hypnotized by the Queen's beauty say yes to everything.

Early in the morning, Prince Dastan took his army, Egypsita and one of her most loyal servant,
 out of Zigenare.
They spent12 days in the sea, and the marriage was held once they arrived.
Egypsita can't feel anything.

Later that night, the newly weds went to their room.
Egypsita asked her servant to wait. She wont take long. 
She said to her that after this, they will travel long way, 
away from Persia.

Prince Dastan took Egypsita to the bed.
And he kissed her on the lips.
All the sudden his body was twitch. He screamed loud.
Then died.
Egypsita could hear loud scream everywhere.
But it did not surprise her. in contrary, she was expecting that.

Egypsita walked calmly through out the castle, her servant was walking beside her, 
carrying two bags in her hands. 
There was no sound on the empty street.
Egypsita knew that the Shaman was right.
It was happening as they're walking out of the Persian gate.
The Kingdom of Persia was vanished that night.

After Persia,
Egypsita travelled around the world, board on ship with the merchants.
She stopped at a land called Gitano, where most of the people were farmers.
Egypsita did not want to go back to Zigenare. It was too painful there.

She practiced magic and become their healer. Gitano's Shaman.
She changed her name. 
And became.....

The Queen Gypsy....

To cover the truth she was an immortal,
she moved to new places once every dozen years.
But there was always people who came along, travelling with her willingly, praise her like a queen.
She taught them magic, art and illusion.
They practiced that and make a living out of it...
People around the world called this group by many names...
The Nomaden. The Traveller. The Wanderer...
or simply......

The Gypsy.....


Hai hai hai....

Semoga dongengnya ga kepanjangan yah. Hahahahaha. 

I always consider myself as a Gypsy. Selalu tinggal di beberapa tempat. Petakilan kemana-mana. Makanya pas Reine Doll ngadain challange dengan tema "I'm A Queen", dan ngajakin Plum ikutan, Plum langsung tau bahwa Plum adalah Gypsy Queen. Hahahahhaa....

Tapi kan yah... Kalian pasti tau Plum nggak mungkin ikutan makeup challenge ga pake mendongeng. Seperti yang udah-udah aja. Terakhir pas dari IBB juga bisa dilihat disini. Atau mau yang lebih lama lagi? Bisa liat pas Plum partisipasi untuk Makeup Celeng dari Makeup Nista. Selalu dengan dongeng. Semoga yang ini teman-teman sekalian juga suka...

Reine Doll Shop adalah online shop favorite Plum. Banyak membantu Plum di awal-awal perjalanan sebagai beauty blogger juga. Plum selalu cari makeup disana. Plum pasang logo dan linknya di blog Plum. Bukan hanya karena syarat, tapi karena ini memang trusted online shop favorite Plum. Miminnya sangat responsive. Dan ROYAL BANGET SAMA BONUS. hahahahaha.... 

Dan ini detail dari looknya Plum....
Kalau ada yang mau dibikinin tutorialnya, silahkan tinggal pesan di comment yahhhhh.....





So tell me what you think....
And wish me luck!!!!

I know I know.... Temen-temen pasti pada bilang niat banget... Well, you can't beat a girl with passion. Paling nggak kalo nggak menang, it's an entertaining post.. Isn't it... :D

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  1. hadeuh diborong semua look nya ama Miss Plum! :D
    semuanya bagussss, bingung mau milih yang mana...
    good luck ya Miss plum!

    1. Hehehehehe.... Thankyou sayanggggg......

    2. Miss plum, btw, aku nominasiin 1 award lagi ya :D Sunshine Blogger Award :D

  2. WOW !!! Suka itu sama look yang terakhir say,,,, good luck ya (^^)

  3. Wow, lipsticknya.. Gypsy bangeet, hihi..^^ kereen, asesorisnya juga pas bgt.. Nice ;)

  4. Waaww kreatif n kerenn banget makeup apalagi matanya menghipnotis bnget >< goodluck ya dear ~

  5. you totally got the look!!! i love the egypsita queen!
    good luck :)

    and oh!! i followed you back on instagram ;)

  6. You look beautiful, love the egypsita queen!look so pretty..
    thanks for visiting my blog!=D i just became your new follower...xoxo

  7. wowww, amazing. queen gypsy look paling kerennn, lipstiknya oke banget >.<

    thanks for visiting my blog, now I'm your follower. :)

  8. Cantikk semuaa.. bgg pilih yanh manaaa..
    Good luck dear(^3^)

  9. Selalu totalitas :) salut banget

  10. waaa queen gypsy tatapan matanya membahana <3

  11. suka EGypsita Wedding nyaaa
    birunya pop bgt pake apa tuuuh ahhh pengen

    1. Itu pakai Maybelline Color Tattoo. Bagus banget emang dia... hihihihi

  12. wah keren makeup nya *___* aku suka yg EGYPSITA QUEEN
    aku jg suka sama semua makeup eyeshadow nya.. sering coba latian tp belum rapi2 kayak blogger lainnya T___T

    1. Ayo semangat latihan terussss... Pasti bisaaa...

  13. bagus bagus bgt makeup nya! :)

  14. Wowww this is soo amazing girl. Good luck! ^_^

  15. OMG make up nya bagusw banget. you are so talented!

    perhaps you could check out on my blog too! really in love with your style!

    im a newbie and blogging at

  16. Hwaa. bagus banget makeup kamu say..

  17. WOW Keren nie artikernya
    Sambil baca artikel ini, Aku numpang promosi deh !
    Agen Bola, Bandar Bola Online, Situs Taruhan Bola, 7meter


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