Pasar Benhil for break-fasting


I went for a ride with my most favorite vehicles in the whole wide world, my bf's motorbike. Hehehehe. It's not one of that fancy bike, but i really love it. We went looking for something to eat for break-fasting. Well, none of us were actually fasting, but we just love all the Ramadhan food. We could find everything that we love easily.. And today, we went to PASAR BENHIL. I know, maybe all of you already know about this place. But i just love to go here in Ramadhan. It got everything i love.

You can find almost everything here. Fruit Soup, kinds of ice (cream and syrup), satay, Padang rice, Javanese food. You name it, they got it. Well, at least it got everything i love... hehehehe

eating the famous bubur sum-sum

Actually this is somekind of Bazaar. Held by Forum Peduli Benhil. Open from 3.00 until 7.00 pm everyday. I suggest you ride a bike so you could park it everywhere. Try it guys.

oya, I dont think i saw any table to eat, so i think you could just buy it take away to eat and break-fasting at your house. and the food is highly recommended.

lotta love,


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  1. That looks like some amazing food!

  2. it is diana... i'll take you there if you're here. hehehehe :)

    thx for replying...

  3. i've never been to a bazaar
    it looks so interesting
    and lots of people!
    how fun!

  4. we have alot of bazaar here... and it is interesting and it is yummy....

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