10 Facts You dont Know About Me

I just got tag by some friends at facebook.

10 Facts You dont Know About Me

1. I dont like the smells of beauty salon.

2. I was an athlete for swimming and pool.

3. I had 3 surgery for my eyes.

4. I love to watch movie that I love, over and over again.

5. I'm afraid of Chicken.

6. I cant drive a motorbike

7. my bloodtype is B rh - (minus)

8. I dont like to have a long nail, difficult to do anything....

9. I like to eat something from last night... specially last night pizza or fries.

10. I cry alot (only infront of my bf)

interesting personality..... Not......

Gary's trip

Hi all... how are you...

Last month, my cousin Gary from New York visited us here in Jakarta... It was a fun month for us.. We just hanging out till we dont have anymore energy and got sick... hehehe... my camera was broken at that time so there's no picture i could upload. But here's some of it from Gary's fb. And my camera will be ready by the end of the week... yiiipppeeee......

cousin Mario and cousin Gary


Cousin Gary making music and taking vocal @ my uncle's

eating @ sabang

Fanya, Jesse, Me and Chris

Cousin Rita and Cousin Gary

Cousin Fanya.. you could check her out on Take me Out Indonesia... hahahaha

Dad and Gary

Cousin Randy and Cousin Ray

@ airport, Gary's departure
It's been nice to have you here Gar, hope to see you soon.. As soon as next year... I still owe you a Becak.. if you know what i mean.. btw, the Becak is gonna be the first thing you'll do next time you come, and it's gonna be my treat...